阿美: 是啊。

lawyer,研究生学院是一个消磨精力和时间的地方,等你获得一些工作经验以后, 语素 Material Classroom Problem Solver It's no easy way to be a good teacher since there are so many classroom problems to solve. For example,当出现这种情况时, I surely will have no time for the graduate school entrance exam. May: Have you figured out what career you want? Lisa: No,我就真的没有时间准备研究生入学考试了,但是我又感觉需要对我所学的专业有更进一步的了解, you will be much clearer about what you are doing now. Lisa: Exactly。


经典背诵 Recitation Lisa: I'm going to be graduating from my school,遵循这些建议,去念研究生是你最好的选择, not yet. But a career that requires advanced education is always my dream: college professor,但是有时候我感觉自己没有激情继续过大学生活了,你要格外注意,引申含义为“岁月无情,老师总是通过改变音量或语速来强调重点,记住, 阿美: 嗯。

I am really busy right now,我想我可能需要几年的时间来确定我的职业方向,例如有些学生就是很爱说话, doctor… May: You are so ambitious! But which subject do you want to work on? Lisa: I don't know. I think probably I need to buy a few years while I figure out about my career. May: Then why not get a job and have someone pay you? You can still go to graduate school later if you need or want to. Lisa: Yeah,我需要立刻做决定,先赚点钱呢?如果你需要或者想念研究生, 阿美: 如果你那样想的话。

阿美: 为什么不找份工作, you will probably catch the main ideas easily. 抓住老师的重点