极易忽视 exhibitions ,选项基本上也是听力中会出现的定位词;读题量较大的选择题可以考虑安排出时间读两遍题,所以说完 dance 还没有结束,B or C. 11 When is this year’s festival being held? A 1-13 January B 5-17 January C 25-31 January 12 What will the reviewer concentrate on today? A theatre B dance C exhibitions 13 How many circuses are there in the festival? A one B two C several 14 Where does Circus Romano perform? A in a theatre B in a tent C in a stadium 题号 问题 定位词 预测 答案 原文 备注 11 when this year…festival 今年在哪里举行?三个答案肯定有干扰项 C 25-31 January at the end of the month 1 月份是夏季,or,听清包不包含即可, B 选项胜出! 1 多项选择 多项选择也存在读题量大小问题,能看得过来就不必分组了, A-E Which TWO things are included in the price of the tour? Afishing trip Bguided bushwalk Creptile park entry Dtable tennis Etennis