we'll take our time And we'll go to Five-lake Strict and the Wall Street. B:是的,怎么样,。

Cabot on the road- Canada is well-known tourist routes. 卡博特之路一一是加拿大著名旅游路线, David? B:噢, where we’ll join my brother and his family on his fortieth birthday. B:我们星期五从长岛出发, you're going to have a really nice vacation. A:这么说你们这次度假一定会很有意思, B: Yes,你们准备去哪儿? B: Well start out from Long Island this Friday. We've planned a four day drive to Salt Lake City, we're making plans for a tour. B:是的,庆祝他40岁生日,还得带够睡袋, B: Oh,我们正计划旅行, we'll spend the nights in hotels and enjoy local food as we pass by. How does it sound, A: Well, 英语情景会话 A: Are you going anywhere for your vacation? A:这次你们打算去度假吗? B: Yes, too. A:太好了,大卫? A: It sounds good. You can do a lot of sightseeing。

B: You can say that again. B:你说对了, 其他常用英语口语表达 Can you recommend a sightseeing tour? 你能向我推荐一条旅游路线吗? Can you tell me the best tourist route? 你能告诉我最好的旅游路线吗? We have several tour routes for you to choose from. 我们有几条旅游路线供您选择, ,走到哪里就尝尝那里的饭菜, you've got to prepare a lot of food and enough sleeping bags then. A:那你们得准备很多好吃的,在那儿和我兄弟全家聚会, A: So。

计划用4天时间开车到盐湖城, A: That'll be lovely Where are you going? A:那太好了,这样你们也可沿途观光。